Velocity presents the All Wound Up Earbud Organization and Storage Device for your MP3 Media Player... Simply the best Earbud Organizer!

The All Wound Up Earbud Organizer

Make life simpler by choosing All Wound Up as your earbud cable organizer.

All Wound Up is a great earbud wrapper. The earbud wrap technique All Wound Up uses is a quick wrap that leaves your earbuds always ready when you need it.

Why choose any other way to store your earbuds. All Wound Up earbud organizer is easy to use. As an earbud organization device All Wound Up will make earbud storage as easy as possible.

About Us

Velocity specializes in accessories for audio electronics with a focus on mobile media products and players. We help improve user experience with media products on-the-go. Our company philosophy is based on bringing ideas to life and solving real-world problems. In resolving these problems we always have a focus on excellent design for both function, style and value. In short, we strive to make your life easier.

Velocity improves user experience with media products on-the-go.

The All-Wound-Up™ product prevents tangled or damaged earbuds, compact traveling, with clear access to all ports, cameras, etc. The universal design works with all makes of media players and earbuds. The sleek, light-weight design can adhere onto any convenient location securely. Being attached to your media player lets you safely wind and store your earbuds for easy access and use next you need them. The neutral color and durable rubber works well with all products. All this without without compromising what you love about your media player.

all wound up

It started with a very frustrating problem. At the gym. In the office. After a long flight and a very deep carry-on. We just couldn't take it anymore, and honestly, neither should you.

All Wound Up Organizes Your Earbuds