Velocity presents the All Wound Up Earbud Organization and Storage Device for your MP3 Media Player... Simply the best Earbud Organizer!

The All Wound Up Earbud Organizer

Make life simpler by choosing All Wound Up as your earbud cable organizer.

All Wound Up is a great earbud wrapper. The earbud wrap technique All Wound Up uses is a quick wrap that leaves your earbuds always ready when you need it.

Why choose any other way to store your earbuds. All Wound Up earbud organizer is easy to use. As an earbud organization device All Wound Up will make earbud storage as easy as possible.

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All Wound Up™ Universal Earbud Storage Device for Keeping Your Buds in Place

Have you experienced Earbud Anxiety? Never Again!

Say good-bye to your tangled earbuds with this easy-to-use
solution that works with any MP3 device and earbuds.

Simply remove the backing, and adhere it onto the back of any music player to start. Slip your earbuds into the two outer slots. Roll it up. Snap the end into a channel, wherever it fits. The buds are still easily accessible when you're ready to listen, without blocking ports.

Made of a quality durable rubber with a 3M™ adhesive backing that will stick, but never damage, your music device. Small in size and neutral in color, this product will never clash with the style or finish of your music device.

Works on all styles of iPods, iPhones, Android devices and many other media players.

All Wound Up™ size is 1.400 x .875 x .300 inches.

Interested? $4.99 per unit

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Universal All Wound Up New Product

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It started with a very frustrating problem. At the gym. In the office. After a long flight and a very deep carry-on. We just couldn't take it anymore, and honestly, neither should you.

All Wound Up Organizes Your Earbuds